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Guardsman Cases

We can custom build this case in any size you need! Just give us a call or go right to this form to get us started on your custom cases.

Platt Shipping Cases Guardsman ATA Cases combine the classic ATA-style and look with new technology: they're built with high strength resin plastic, not plywood. This makes an extremely strong case that is significantly lighter weight than plywood cases.

Other features include full length piano hinge, recessed 1/4 turn military style latches and spring loaded handles, plus a combination lock with TSA "override" for added security and convenience.

While this case is available custom built in any size you need, we do stock it in the three sizes below. Each size has foam filled or foam lined options, and is also available with or without wheels. These stock sizes can obviously be shipped much more quickly than custom built cases. Lead time for a custom built case is approximately three weeks. Contact us!

When custom ordered, these cases are available in black, gray, white, blue, red or yellow. The stock cases come only in black.

Stock Guardsman
18 x 11 x 9
Stock Guardsman
20 x 14 x 13
Stock Guardsman
26 x 18 x 18
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Last Update: 20th January 2021