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Lid Organizers for Pelican Cases


Lid Organizers. Replace the foam padding in the lid of your Pelican case with one of these super handy organizers. Great for photographers. Give your case that added bit of usefulness.
Part #DescriptionWeightPriceQty.Order
65340LidOrgLid Organizer for 03403$57.00
65350LidOrgLid Organizer for 03503$70.00
65370LidOrgLid Organizer for 0370 or 16403.2$83.00
65144LidOrgLid Organizer for 14406$27.00
65148LidOrgLid Organizer for 14901$30.00
65149LidOrgLid Organizer for 14951$37.00
65150LidOrgPhotoLid Organizer for 1500 or 15201.5$34.00
65151LidOrgLid Organizer for 15101.5$33.00
65156LidOrgLid Organizer for 15601.5$50.00
65160LidOrgLid Organizer for 1600, 1610 or 16202.5$50.00
65163LidOrgLid Organizer for 16303$75.00
65165LidOrgLid Organizer for 16503$55.00
65166LidOrgLid Organizer for 16603.5$70.00
65169LidOrgLid Organizer for 16903$73.00
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Last Update: 20th January 2021