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Replacement Foam

At justCASES we sell replacement foam for all the Pelican cases. This is the only replacement foam we sell.

A full set of foam replaces all the foam in a case; the lid foam and the solid bottom layer of foam as well as the middle Pick-n-Pluck layers. For many of the cases you can also purchase just the Pick-n-Pluck layers. On smaller cases, the Pick-n-Pluck layer may be one piece, on larger cases it is almost always several pieces of varying thickness.

Pick-n-Pluck foam is "pre-scored," or perforated, which allows you to easily customize the foam to your needs.

You can also go to our Pelican Cases Section and look at each case individually to get a better idea of the foam size.

Shipping Note: On large packages, UPS charges by "dimensional weight." Even though foam sets are light weight, the package is large. Shipping charges can be high. Please make sure to be aware of the shipping charge on your order page.

Part #For CaseDimensionsDescriptionPriceQty.Order
65112FoamPelican 11207.5x5x3Full Set$13.00
65140FoamPelican 140012x9x5Full Set$36.00
65144Foam5Pelican 144017x7.5x16Full Set$51.00
65145FoamPelican 145015x10.5x6Full Set$43.00
65147FoamPelican 147017x13x4Full Set$29.00
65148FoamPelican 149021x17x5Full Set$40.00
65150FoamPelican 150017x11.5x6Full Set$51.00
65151FoamPelican 151020x11.5x7.5Full Set$54.00
65152FoamPelican 152018x13x6.5Full Set$65.00
65155Foam4Pelican 155019x14.5x7.5Full Set$80.00
65156Foam4Pelican 156020.5x15.5x9Full Set$80.00
65160Foam4Pelican 160022x17x8Full Set$110.00
65161Foam5Pelican 161022x17x10.5Full Set$115.00
65162Foam6Pelican 162022x17x12.5Full Set$115.00
65163Foam5Pelican 163028x21x14Full Set$155.00
65164Foam5Pelican 164024x24x14Full Set$145.00
65165Foam4Pelican 165029x18x10.5Full Set$130.00
65166Foam5Pelican 166029x20x17.5Full Set$185.00
65169Foam5Pelican 169030x25x16Full Set$235.00
65170FoamPelican 170036x13.5x5Pick-n-Pluck Only$80.00
65172FoamPelican 172044x16x6Full Set$85.00
65174FoamPelican 174041x13x12Full Set$190.00
65175FoamPelican 175050.5x13.5x5Full Set$98.00
65177FoamPelican 177054.5x15.5x18.5Full Set$215.00
65178Foam5Pelican 178042x22x15Full Set$255.00
65340FoamPelican 034018x18x18Full Set$152.00
65350FoamPelican 035020x20x20Full Set$165.00
65370FoamPelican 037024x24x24Full Set$212.00
65500FoamPelican 050034x18x25Full Set$375.00
65550FoamPelican 055051x27x22Full Set$495.00
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Last Update: 25th January 2021