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SKB Shipping Cases

SKB Cases

SKB Shipping Cases
justCASES is proud to offer a wide selection of SKB manufactured cases. These cases are extremely tough, and offer a lifetime warranty.

Military Spec cases: These waterproof cases meet or exceed demanding military specifications. They're great alternatives to Pelican cases.

Rail Pack cases: Light weight cases, great for movie, camera or tradeshow equipment.

Plasma or Flat Screen cases: Custom designed for display screens.

Shock Mount cases: Specialized cases for field operation of computer equipment.

Utility Rollers: Big trunk like cases for a variety of equipment.

SKB iSeries and Mil Standard Cases

Rail Pack Cases
Flat screen monitor shipping cases
Plasma / Flat Screen Cases
Rack-mount and shock-mount cases
Shock Mount Cases

SKB iSeries Case 26x17x12
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Last Update: 27th February 2021