14293 Lifetime Warranty Travel Cart

14293 Lifetime Warranty Travel Cart
The perfect balance of stand-alone sturdiness and large capacity with a compact design. The additional set of 3" ball bearing wheels with steel hubs bears the heavy load. Stable design allows you to leave the cart un-attended without it tipping over.

More features include: 50" self locking handle, large 16" x 13.5" load platform, 6" rubber wheels with precision ball bearings and steel hubs, stair glides, a chrome plated, all-steel frame and a limited Lifetime Warranty (excluding wheels and elastic safety loop cords).

Large Capacity, compact design
Extra Wheels help with heavy load, stability
Cart will not tip over - leave it unattended
50" self locking handle,
Large 16" x 13.5" load platform,
PLUS: Large heavy duty 6" rubber wheels, Stair glides, chrome plated all-steel frame
Limited Lifetime Warranty.
$205.00205.00Item#: 14293
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