Travel and Equipment Carts

Travel & Equipment Carts

For a trip around the office or around the world!

Contact justCASESThese aren't the skimpy, rattling, flexy carts you've seen and hated before. These are super solid (up to 500 pounds!) and rigid.

Plus, they're easily the most flexible carts you can imagine, as they can be configured to carry just about anything.

14301 All Terrain Equipment Cart
1430114301 All Terrain Equipment CartJustCases
14290 Multi Cart 8-in-1 Equipment Cart
1429014290 Multi Cart 8-in-1 Equipment CartJustCases
14292 Heavy Duty Travel Cart
1429214292 Heavy Duty Travel CartJustCases
14293 Lifetime Warranty Travel Cart
1429314293 Lifetime Warranty Travel CartJustCases

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