SKB Flat Screen Shipping Cases

Flat Screen Shipping CasesFlat Screen Monitor Shipping Cases for 20" to 60" Screens

One of the harder things to ship safely, large flat screens are awkwardly shaped - large and heavy. The good news? These shipping cases are custom designed to make it as easy as possible to get fragile and expensive displays shipped safely.

These specially designed shipping cases include flexible foam interiors to accommodate almost any brand or size of monitor.

Standard features include heavy-duty, padlock-able twist latches, corner-mounted wheels for easy pulling and maneuvering, and spring loaded lifting and towing handles.

SKB Flat Screen Case for Small 20
7555875558 SKB Flat Screen Case 20-26 ScreensSKB
75559 SKB Flat Screen Case for Medium 32
7555975559 SKB Flat Screen Case 32-37SKB
SKB Flat Screen Case for Large 42
7556075560 SKB Flat Screen Case 42-50SKB
SKB Flat Screen Case for Extra Large 52
7559875598 SKB Flat Screen Case 52-60 InchesSKB

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