SKB Rail Pack Cases

contact-button.jpgSKB Rail Pack GroupDurable, ATA Rated, SKB Rail Pack Utility Cases provide a practical solution to transporting a wide variety of contents. These industrial cases are designed to exceed the ATA 300, category 1 and come with a Lifetime Warranty! Internal straps are included in base to secure contents.

• Super-tough construction and built-in wheels.
• Internal straps are included in the lid and the base to secure contents.
• The rolling case will hold all your hardware and stands securely in place.
• Lifetime Warranty

75680 SKB Rail Pack 36.5x12x8.25
7568075680 SKB Rail Pack 36.5x12x8.25JustCases
75682 SKB Rail Pack 48x11.25x11
7568275682 SKB Rail Pack 48x11.25x11SKB
SKB Rail Pack Case 48.25x16x12.5
7568375683 SKB Rail Pack 48.25x16x12.5JustCases
SKB Rail Pack Case 49.75x20x13.75
7568475684 SKB Rail Pack 49.75x20x13.75SKB

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