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REUSE your shipping CASES! Eliminate the need for single use packaging. Say "hasta la vista, baby" to cheap cardboard boxes, short-lived wooden crates, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Adios!

REPACK to protect and save money (and maybe your career). Don’t be that company tightwad who gets fired because you chose to ship expensive gear in a cheap cardboard box! Linda in accounting thinks returns on shipping investments are way sexy!

RESHIP with crazy confidence that your hyper expensive and ultra sensitive equipment ships safe and secure, time... after time. Using a lifetime warranty shipping case from justCASES could save your butt and your job, making you the coolest employee in the office, even if you work from home!

your backside, your frontside and your valuable gear with an engineered, reusable lifetime warranty shipping case that is guaranteed to last longer than Brady’s football career... because nobody likes getting their sensitive equipment mangled!

Besides, making this baller decision will save your organization more money than switching to one-ply toilet paper (gross), scraping Voodoo Doughnut Fridays (heck no!) and resorting to Pot Lucking and BYOB for the company holiday parties (no freakin' way!).

Protecting a $10K piece of equipment with a $600 case from justCASES is justCOMMONSENSE…it’s better than insurance and way less complicated. Let justCASES show you the way to Peace and Prosperity! Stress your commute not shipping!!


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