Cases for Military / Police / Fire / EMS

Cases designed for military use

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We stock a variety of cases approved for armed forces use. Pelican and SKB cases are recommended as "foot locker" styles for individual use.

And, of course, many cases are designed for various military applications, from the 1780 gun transport to shock mount cases designed to keep radios and other electronics equipment safe in harsh environments.

justCASES offers a military discount to active service members. justCALL 888-318-5878 for details BEFORE ordering.

65150ems Pelican 1500EMS Case 18x14x7
65150ems65150ems Pelican 1500EMS CasePelican
65155ems Pelican 1550EMS Case 20x16x8
65155ems65155ems Pelican 1550EMS CasePelican

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