SKB rSeries Roto Shockmount Cases

SKB Shockmount Cases designed for field use electronics

SKB rSeries Roto Shockmount Cases come in rack depths of 20", 24", 28" and 30". Based on the Ultimate Strength Series design, the Roto Shockmount Rack Cases provide added protection for sensitive gear. These cases include a tough shell and integral molded valance that eliminates the need for a metal valance on the outside of the case.

• Redesigned frame with threaded steel rails and aluminum cross components forming an H shaped rigid configuration
• Front and rear doors are fitted with rubber gaskets for water resistant protection.
• Heavy duty recessed latches meet ATA and military standards
• Standard with eight elastomeric high dampening shock mounts, load range of 40-150lbs
• Additional or stiffer mounts may be ordered and are easily field-installable
• Molded in lugs for easy secure stacking

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