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How to Get Custom Foam for your cases

Replacement Foam for Pelican cases

Tricks and Hints for modifying Pick n Pluck or Cubed foam

Tricks and Hints for modifying solid foam

Replacement Foam for other cases, and foam options and suggestions

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Custom Foam For justCASES Products
Contact justCASESIf you are buying several cases all with identical equipment needs, you may want to consider having us custom cut the foam for you. This is a fantastic option that not only saves you time, but because of the technology we use, you get great results.

When we first started selling cases years ago, the only option for custom cutting involved very expensive custom made dies, which made the price prohibitive for all but very large orders. We now use a CNC water-cutting device that can do smaller jobs.

This is custom work: we consult with you to determine the exact dimensions and sizing you need, we then send a drawing to you for approval, and then cut the foam for your cases. The process adds a few days to the order time (it varies depending on complexity and order size).

We would be more than happy to discuss this with you at any time. justCALL 888-318-5878 or customerSERVICE


Replacement foam for Pelican Cases

Replacement foam for Pelican cases is available through our online store.

Click here for a list of Pelican Case Foam Sets

We do NOT sell replacement foam for any other cases.

Yes, we realize that lots of people have older cases and all they need is foam. We simply can not stock foam for the huge number of cases out there. We list some options for you here.

Tricks and Hints for Modifying Pick N Pluck or Cubed Foam

Pick N Pluck or Cubed foam is designed to be easily modified by you with no cutting. It's a quick and easy way to create the protection cavity (or "pocket") your equipment needs.

Depending on the size of your case, your foam may be in several layers. The bottom layer and lid layer will be solid and you will not need to modify them.

The other layers allow you to create a three-dimensional area for your specific equipment needs.

You will need to modify each of these layers. If your equipment is regularly and consistently shaped (like a laptop) this should be fairly straightforward, and the odds are you've already finished the project before you ever read this.

If the object is inconsistently shaped, each layer may need to be different. Take the time to get it right now - the closer and more accurate the fit, the better the protection.

Step One: arrange all your equipment on the first layer to be modified (not the solid bottom foam piece). Outline the object. If you don't want felt-tip marks, you can use sharpened chalk or toothpicks to create the outline.

TIPS: Leave at least one inch between pieces of equipment and sides, more if equipment is very fragile. The fit should be snug, but you should not need to compress the foam to get equipment to fit. Don't forget about accessories - many people create a cavity for accessories.

Step Two: Remove (pluck) the pieces of foam you do not need. Go slowly and remove the entire cube of foam in one piece. Save these pieces.

Step Three: test and modify. Place your equipment in the space you created. If there are issues (hole too big in one spot, equipment doesn't sit evenly) it is easy to glue foam cubes back where you need them. Spray adhesive works great.

Tricks and Hints for Modifying Solid Foam

Solid foam sheets are becoming a bit "old-school" since the introduction of Pick N Pluck or cubed foam. But there are several advantages to this style of foam protection. The solid foam tends to last longer, the cavity can be cut closer for a tighter fit, and the cavity can be more intricate and complicated if needed.

Cutting solid sheets of foam is easier than many people first suspect. We've had hundreds of customers create custom case cavities with no problems at all.

Step One: Remove the layers EXCEPT for the bottom layer and the lid layer. You will not modify these.

StepTwo: Place your equipment on the first layer to be modified. Outline with a Sharpie or sharp piece of chalk. Doing more than one case? Make a template on carboard.

TIPS: Leave at least one inch between pieces of equipment and sides. The fit should be snug, but you should not need to compress the foam to get equipment to fit. Don't forget about accessories - many people create a cavity for accessories.

Step Three: Cut the foam at your outline. Electric carving knifes work great, but any sharp knife with a serrated edge can be used.

TIPS: Slice, don't saw. A steady smooth slicing action will give you the smoothest edge. Sawing motion will create a jagged edge.

Help helps. An assistant holding the foam edges tight will make it easier to slice through the foam.

Corners last. Don't start at the corner. Start in the middle and work toward the corner - you'll get a sharper edge.

Save the cut out pieces.

Step Four: Test and Repeat. If layer one works, use it as a template for the other layers. Cut these layers as well.

Step Five: Assemble and Glue. Use a hot glue gun or spray adhesive and glue each layer together. Place the glued layers back in your case. You're good to go. Gluing the layers together creates more protection and increases the durability of the foam.

TIPS: Wait for the glue to dry. At justCASES we're all about PROTECTING your equipment.

I'M FIXING A HOLE. Or a tear. Or a mistake. It's easy to repair foam. Use some of the foam you removed earlier (we told you to save it) and glue it in where necessary.

Replacement Foam for Other Cases

We get calls and email every day from people looking for foam for a case they bought somewhere years ago. They don't need a new case - those things last forever. But the foam is shot.

Here's the horribly blunt answer: We can't help.

The problem is that every single one of those people who contact us has a different sized case. We can not stock the practically infinite number of sizes we would need. We can't make any money selling foam.

So we sell replacement foam for Pelican Cases, but not for anything else.

We tell people this, and they refuse to accept that as an answer. So here's some helpful information that may get you going on the road to replacing your foam:

Although local "foam houses" are usually designed to help with larger orders to businesses, many will sell smaller quantities to individuals. Try using search phrases like "Boston Foam Distributors".

You can also try a local fabric store. They frequently sell foam used for upholstery. Get the firmest foam they sell, and follow our steps for cutting it.

It won't look great, but if you're in a hurry and more concerned with protection than appearance, try InstaPak. It's an expanding foam product that basically swells up around your equipment.

A final piece of advice to consider? Upgrade to a new case. Yes, that's a tacky sales pitch. But add in the time you're spending searching for foam replacements, and factor in the shiny new case. It just might be worth it.

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