Expo Graphics Cases

Chicago Case CompanyBel-Air Trade Show Cases
Fantastic option for keeping those tradeshow graphics crisp and undamaged. Overlapping lid lets you adjust the depth from 6" to 10", while straps, handles and built-in wheels keep everything secure and easily transportable. This shape is great for graphics, signs and any large, flat items.

Case Features:
• Foam Filled
• High-density polyethylene plastic for strength and impact resistance
• Overlap lid design keeps contents secure at variable depths
• Withstand temperatures from -80 degrees F to +180 degrees
• Solvent resistant plastic will not blister or peel
• Telescoping models range from 6 inches to 10 inches deep
• Heavy-duty nylon-web belts with quick release fasteners
• Recessed 3″ easy-roll wheels for easy handling
• Heavy-duty spring loaded handles
• High-tech, silver-gray modular look
• Available in four sizes

69100 Bel-Air Expo Case 40x26.5x6-10
6910069100 Bel-Air Expo Case 40x26.5x6-10Bel-Air
69101 Bel-Air Expo Case 46x22.5x6-10
6910169101 Bel-Air Expo Case 46x22.5x6-10Bel-Air
69102 Bel-Air Expo Case 52x25x6-10
6910269102 Bel-Air Expo Case 52x25x6-10Bel-Air
69103 Bel-Air Expo Case 68x25x6-10
6910369103 Bel-Air Expo Case 68x25x6-10Bel-Air

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