65155ems Pelican 1550EMS Case 20x16x8

65155ems Pelican 1550EMS Case 20x16x8
Pelican 1550ems Orange Case
Exact Inside Dimensions:
18.43" x 14.00" x 7.62"
Case Weight: 15.00 lbs.
* 1550 Case customized for EMS personnel
* Multi layer lid organizer with numerous clean pockets - find everything right away
* Lid organizer clear cover with Velcro fasteners - keep supplies in place during transport
* Padded dividers with adjustable walls for customizing compartments to any size - provides extra protection and inventory management.
* Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
* Stainless steel padlock protectors
* Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
* Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
Pelican$337.00337.00Item#: 65155ems
65155ems65155ems Pelican 1550EMS CasePelican

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