65112 Pelican 1120 Case 7x5x3 - Foam Filled

65112 Pelican 1120 Case Foam Filled
Pick-n-Pluck Foam Filled
Lifetime Guarantee.
Inside Dimensions: 7.5" x 5" x 3"
Case Weight: 1.25 lbs.
The smallest Pelican case, but with all the features of the bigger ones: waterproof, crush-proof, lifetime warranty. Perfect size for protecting a single piece of valuable equipment, like a satellite phone.
Pelican$40.0040.00Item#: 65112
6511265112 Pelican 1120 Case - Foam FilledPelican

PELICAN 1120-Case, No Foam

Same as above, but does not come with foam.
Case weighs 1.17 lbs
$33.00 qty:

65102 Master Combination Padlock

From the top name in padlocks, this solid brass resettable combination lock allows for a personalized combination and comes with a lifetime warranty. This padlock features a bronze plated steel shackle for strength and is 1-3/16" in width.
$6.50 qty:

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