65178 Pelican 1780 Case 42x22x15 - Foam Filled

65178 Pelican 1780 Case 42x22x15 - Foam Filled
Pick-n-Pluck Foam Filled
Exact Inside Dimensions: 42" x 22" x 15.1"
Exact Outside Dimensions: 44.9" x 25.3" x 16.5"
Case Weight: 49 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 54 lbs.
UPS Shipping Weight: 111 lbs (dimensional weight).

Pelican's largest case. This XXL transport case is perfect for moving all your equipment in just one case, or for those extra large pieces of equipment. Designed originally for the military, where it's used primarily as a multi-gun case, this case is now proving its popularity in the civilian world. This is the truck of the case world!

  • 50/50 lid-to-base ratio for easy loading
  • Completely detachable lid for full access
  • Large 2-person fold down handles
  • Pick 'N' Pluck foam filled
  • Four Recessed Wheels
  • Color: Black
Pelican$640.00640.00Item#: 65178
6517865178 Pelican 1780 Case - Foam FilledPelican

PELICAN 1780-Case, No Foam

Same as above, but does not come with foam.
Case weighs 38.4 lbs
$575.00 qty:

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