ATA1018FL Platt Guardsman Case 26x18x18 - Foam Lined

ATA1018 Foam Lined Shipping Case
Exterior Dimensions: 27 x 19 x 19
Lid Split is 14+4
Foam Lined Interior
Guardsman ATA Cases combine the classic ATA-style and look with new technology: they're built with high strength resin plastic, not plywood. This makes an extremely strong case that is significantly lighter weight than plywood cases.

Other features include full length piano hinge, recessed 1/4 turn military style latches and spring loaded handles, plus a combination lock with TSA "override" for added security and convenience.

$825.00825.00Item#: ATA1018FL
ATA1018FLATA1018FL Platt Guardsman Case 26x18x18 - Foam LinedJustCases

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