Durabox DB360 Jobsite Drawer Cabinet 60x30x60

Jobsite Drawer Cabinet DB360

DURABOX JOBSITE DRAWER CABINET offers added storage options without compromising security:

  • 3-point security system with secure padlock enclosure
  • Built-in, heavy-duty doors with anti-slip bars to keep items secure
  • Twist-to-open latch between front doors
  • Eight extension drawers (3x) 2-1/2" deep, (5x) 5-1/2" deep.

DURABOX's innovative design and versatility offer strength and durability for top security and ideal storage solutions.

CABINET DIMENSIONS: 60" x 30.25" x 60.75"

DURABOX FEATURES: 16-Gauge Steel Construction; Arc-Welded Seams; Baked-On Powder Coating; 3- and 2-point Lid Latches; full-length, stacked and welded Piano Hinges with secure pins; Recessed Handles; Bolsters and optional Casters.
DIMENSIONS: 60" x 30.25" x 60.75"
SINGLE PADLOCK: Single padlock security system with recessed housing to prevent opening with bolt cutters.
16-GAUGE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Arc-welded seams ground to a smooth, perfect finish.
POWDER COATING: Baked-on powder coating for increased resistance to corrosion and weather damage.
LID LATCHES: 3- and 2-point lid latches reinforced with steel plates to prevent pry-in access.
PIANO HINGES: Full-length, stacked and welded piano hinges with secure pins.
RIGID SECURITY: Formed sidewall design allows door or lid to overlap when closed, offering added security, along with protection from weather damage.
RECESSED HANDLES: Out of the way for easy storage.
BOLSTERS: Pre-drilled with 4 ovals for mounting (optional) 4" or 6" casters.
Durabox$3,726.003726.00Item#: 92360
9236092360 Durabox Jobsite Drawer Cabinet DB360Durabox

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