66247 Seahorse SE540 Seahorse 4 Pistol Range Case 13x10x8

66247 Seahorse SE540 13x10x8 Shipping Case - Foam Filled
  • Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Waterproof and Impact Resistant
  • Holds 4 semi-automatic handguns (up to a 1911) and 12 magazines
  • High-performance foam insert is made up of closed cell 2lb cross link Polyethylene foam
  • Closed cell material is durable and will resist cleaners and lubricants utilized in gun maintenance
  • Ideal for transporting guns to the shooting range
  • Meets the airline industry’s ATA-300 specification
  • Automatic Pressure Purge System guarantees a perfect seal
  • Molded-In Padlock Holes (fits standard size Masterlocks)
  • Inside Dimensions: 13.5" x 10" x 8.4"
  • Outside Dimensions: 14.9" x 12.1" x 9.6”
  • Case Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 60 lb
Seahorse Protective Cases are Watertight, Airtight and Crush Resistant to keep your valuable equipment safe. The Seahorse Case Automatic Pressure Purge System guarantees a perfect seal and together with the customizable Acuform Foam will keep your camera, video or high cost equipment safe from impact, water, air and dust. These Made in the USA, Lifetime Guarantee cases also feature Molded-In Padlock Holes for extra safety.
Seahorse$122.00122.00Item#: 66247FP4-B
66247FP4-B66247FP4-B Seahorse 4 Pistol Range CaseSeahorse

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